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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dress Like Maria

1. What don’t we kick things off with you telling us about yourself?
Okies, dokies! Kia Ora, Kia Orana. Hiya, I'm Maria, but I preferred to be called Ria *LOL*.
Im European with Maori and Cook Island ethinicity. Im 17 years old and next month I'll be big 18! *giggles*. I'm from the beautiful country of New Zealand and I like listening to songs on the computer while writing. I am tomboyish, someone who writes, quotes,poems/lyrics, creates hairstyles, makes jewellery (repair or re-use broken ones), draws flowers, odds n ends, decorate ppl's name like adding a star,heart.

2. How would you describe your sense of style?
Err I'm really a tomboy styish kinda girl. You would hardly see me wearing a skirt/dress unless it's a special occasion. Haha. But yeah it really depends on what I like to wear. Sometimes I can be girly, so some people can tell I'm a girl, not a guy on A7. I kind of like alot of stuff from pj to ballroom etc.

3. What other websites do you hang out at?
You would find me on Bebo, A7 (obviously) Facebook, Glogster. Just visit my page on Avenue7 for more info.

4. How did you find out about Avenue7? Do you have any ideas on how we can get the ‘Avenue7’ word out more quickly?

I got a random mail from someone about A7 so I thought I'll check it out and yeah that's how it started.Umm oh! My cousin joined here because I added this app on Bebo where I can show off 'my stuff'. so I added the code off A7 where others can see what outfits I created and I made one for my cousin, and a couple of friends, asked them if they like it and they LOVE IT. But I didn't think my cousin would join add her: Georgina T.

5. Tell us a little about what you use Avenue7 for and why?

I love to make clothes I would wear for a certain occasion. Competitions on A7, outfits for friends and families. Because it so creatively fun and you're surprise at who loves your style. LoL and I started out by basing some of my outfits from what I can remember from other sites as well as playing some dress up games.

6. What are your 3 favourite outfits on Avenue7 and why?

1. Western wear! Save a horse, ride a cowboy! LOL! Created By: AndreaLove

I love the western style outfits,esp the idea where Andy adds the cowboy hat with the plaite hairstyle, its so funkylicious!!

2. Avril!! created by SK8WIZARD

I also love punkish girly style and how Jainine duplicates the outfit Avril is really wearing, its totally fab!!

3. LOVE. send me some and i promise ill send u some back :)
by Jill J

I love the idea of creating art with jewellery to say something, because we don't always have to make an outfit, we can just make a statement or say something simple as "Love"
it a creatively and original.

7. What are 3 products you really like from Avenue7 and why?

1. Tribal Fire Rose Earrings


- Tribal Fire Cascade Rose Earrings
- Strawberry Quartz Rose with Fibreoptic Glass and Coral Cascade Drop Earrings with Sterling Silver Stud Fittings

Ria's Comment: I love these earrings because the beautiful earring can be worn to a special occasion like an Pacific Island wedding/bridesmaid or to the beach

2. Vans Mercer


The Mercer skate shoe from Vans is a really nice piece of kit. It has a cool pattern on both sides along with the famous branding stripe and a stitched branding motif on the rear. Made using the classic Blucher construction

£ 39.14

Ria's Comment: I love these shoes specifically beacause i love stars that i see at night and skater shoes has always been my type that i would wear wherever because it's so comfortable and very casual as well.


New Look


£ 8.00

Ria's Comment: Aww I so love any items with colours especially this shirt because you can always match it with something so plain and can be worn for fun occasions such as birthdays or graduation and i also love teardrop shapes so cute, reminds me of colourful rain

8. Lastly, any suggestions for things you would like to see on Avenue7?

I would like to suggest that there can be a few clubs on here coz I would like to have a club where people can send their creative pieces of writing like poems, lyrics, stories that are their own not someone else's

-- Thanks for your time Rebel Ria :) Here are some of her outfits:

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