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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dress Like Alexa Chung: New Look's Interview With Alexa Chung

Stripe Belted Tunic

- Stripe belted tunic with ribbed hem, short sleeves and neckline

Fringe & Stud Bag

- Tiered fringe and stud shoulder bag with stud embellishment and zipped middle

As the face of New Look, Alexa Chung has hand-picked her favourite fashion gems. An easy task for TV's reigning queen of cool.

What's your style secret Alexa?

"I think it's important to wear what suits you and not just what people are wearing in magazines. I've got a very short body and really long legs, so high-waisted jeans look rubbish on me. So I wear high-waisted hotpants instead..."

Striped Hoody

- Soft touch two way stripe hoody with front pockets and ribbed hem and cuffs

Stripe Shorts

- Jersey style stripe shorts with draw string waist

What's your staple look?
"Everyone always thinks that I dress like a geek, but I think I look quite cool!"

Are you a shopoholic?
"I do spend a lot of time clothes shopping. Yeah I've got a problem!"

Do you get free designer goodies?

"Yes it's amazing, but lots of it is unwearable, so I give it away"

All-in-one Dress

- Pleated lantern style dress with striped jersey top Length - Above the knee

What are your tips for spring?

"I don't really plan ahead like that and think, 'Ooh I know that harem pants are in.' I want some skin-tight dungarees though..."

What do you wear at home?

"I change outfits a lot. My old flatmates would be like, 'Really? Again?' My clothes are always strewn around the flat, so I'm always finding things again and going 'Ooh that's cool!"

What do you do on a rare day off?

"I might go for tea and cake with friends or have a wander around the photography section at Waterstones. I'm not that famous so no one bothers me – and if they do they're always really lovely!"

Crinkled Hotpants

- Stud embellished Belt
- Crinkled detail
- Rolled up bottoms
- Front and back pockets

Leather Pocket Jacket

- Limited Edition
- Popper pocket front
- Popper buttoned shoulder tabs
- Zipped middle
- Contrasting satin lining

Basic Vest Top

- Scoop Neck


  1. Love the all-in-one dress! Also love the red bag ♥ xx

  2. i fink they look 2 tartish

  3. i've got an interview for new look and i'm dead dead nervous can someone gimmi some tips has anyone had an interview for new look before. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!