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Friday, 28 August 2009

Top 3 Most Favourited Outfits of the Week

In this week's top outfits, the A7 community shows you how to Dress Like Miley Cyrus, match brown and gold together and wearing the colour turquoise with style.

leap of fath by Mona with 15 favs

7 things by Holly with 14 favs

Golden.brownie by $i!!y Gur! with 13 favs

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Featured User of the Week: Mona

This week's featured user is the very lovely Mona from Germany! Her outfits are very pretty and aspirational in design. It almost seems like she's telling you a story with each outfit. Check out some of her outfits below.

What don’t we kick things off with you telling us about yourself
Hey, I am a 27 year old girl from Muenster in Nordrheinwestfalen Germany. My full name is Anna Mona Peters but everyone just calls me Mona. Right now, I am a stay at home mom with the cutest 4 year old daughter in the world. I am living together with my baby, my husband and two of our best friends, so there is always something going on and it's quite fun to live like that. In the future, when my darling is old enough to attend school, I plan on either getting a job or finishing my university degree. Things I love to do mostly include being creative in some way, like drawing, writing, sewing, doing handicrafts.... you get the idea :)

How would you describe your sense of style?
Thats a difficult one for me to answer. As for real life, I either like it simple and cosy for my everyday motherly life or I really like to dress up. My favourite colors in clothes are pink and blue. I don't really like going after trends. I love combining stuff, like wearing dresses over jeans and stuff like that. I also love really colorful eyeshadows and all kinds of glittery accessories. Oh! And I think one of the most underrated things in fashion are hairdo´s and accessories. You can do so many cool things with hair. One thing I almost never do is wear high heels. Although I love them in general, I cant find a way to get comfortable in them ^^.

In fashion generally and on Avenue7, I love everything that goes into a concept. I express myself with my clothes (or try to). I use fashion to make a point or tell some kind of story. And that's what I am looking for most in an Av7 creation too.

What other websites do you hang out at?
As far as communities go, Avenue7 is probably the only one I really enjoy. For contacts I keep a account (the german facebook version ;)). Websites I check daily are: (I love american television), (my guilty pleasure gossipwise), (amazing fashion pics from real life ppl) and occasionally some other blogs.

How did you find out about Avenue7? Do you have any ideas on how we can get the ‘Avenue7’ word out more quickly?
I honestly don´t know how I came across your site :( I don´t even remember signing up. The funny thing is, I found an email from Avenue7 telling me I got some kind of an award upgrade. That made me curious and I checked my account. Realizing what a great page Avenue7 is now, I started playing around and got hooked xD.

As for promoting Avenue7, I think you could try to take advatage of the vast of people from different countries and maybe try to advertise in the most common communities. Like maybe the German Facebook. I don't know if this is doable as it would take a lot of research time, but I am always willing to help if u need me too, and I think other community members would be as well.

Tell us a little about what you use Avenue7 for and why?
I used to go to Av7 just to be creative and play around a little. Over time, I got more and more into it. I love how you can experiment and get reactions out of people. And after being on Avneue7 so regularly, I have met some amazing people from all around the globe. I really like this aspect of the Av7 community. So many nice and kind people here. They are a major reason I hang out there as much as I do.
I love you all <3

What are your 3 favourite outfits on Avenue7 and why?
Thats so hard to do! I am a pretty emotional person, so I think I will choose more from a personal standpoint, than just pure stylewise. Here they are:

I love this because it draws you in and gives a pure vibe. Gemmas outfits always make me think of some kind of story behind it. This one does that very well for me.

I love this because it's conceptional and still very stylish. Fanpire did a whole princess inspired bunch of outfits and this is my fav one.

I love this because it is so true, not only as a statement, but true to it´s designer Lil Poo. She is such a sweetheart and it always comes through in her designs. To be true to who you are is so important and I love that she is and shows it off.

What are 3 products you really like from Avenue7 and why?

Just 3? You kidding me? XD Okok..

I love this because it is so awkward to look at xD

I love this because it is so adorable and pretty. I could stare at it for ages.

I love this because converse have always been one of my fav shoes of all time. They fit so many different styles and you can totally alter a type of look by putting converse in.

Lastly, any suggestions for things you would like to see on Avenue7?
The most frustrating thing about the page is the lack in categories. I get so angry sometimes I want to throw my mouse out of the window next to my desk. Sorry, but I really hate, that you have to click though so many pages to find the accessories you are looking for. As far as clothes, shoes and bags go, I guess it's alright. But when it comes to make up, backrounds and all that stuff... sigh I so wish we would at least have the categories the page itself. If there would be any reason to quit Av7 for me, it would be that. Sorry guys, it´s just something that's been getting on my nerves a lot lately ^^. So I would LOVE to see more categoeries for the "create outfit" page.
Another idea I had some time ago is to take the award-section a little further. My exprience is, that especially with young people is that they like special unique prizes in which they have to give them a goal to work towards. Like an award for creating an outfit that has been faved 50 times or stuff like that ;) The sky is the limit to the diversity of awards possible and it might even be the most cool thing if there even were secret awards one can try to "unlock". Like people do with stuff in computer games. I hope you get where I am coming from ;) There are a lot more ideas on what to improve, but I don´t wanna say too much. I am just the type of person thinking of crazy stuff a lot of times ;)

All in all Av7 is my favourite online page as well as community. I have been online almost daily for about 10 years now, so that alone says a lot!!! <3>


Thanks for the interivew Mona! Great stuff.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

How to Wear Plaid (Tartan)

Plaid is cool and it's making a come back. Drew Barrymore was spotted wearing a plaid skirt yesterday.


UPDATE: In case anyone is confused over what plaid/tartan/checks are? Check out this page that explains it in greater detail.

The trend spotters on Avenue7 have known this to be true and here are some cool outfits featuring plaid patterns.

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Top 3 Most Favourited Outfits of the Week

Here are the Top 3 outfits this week featuring animals, colours and classic looks.

1. Cute and Simple by Mary..C= with 28 faves

2. Color by Lil Poo <3 with 15 faves

3. blue zebra :D by Linda T with 14 faves

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