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Friday, 19 November 2010

Designer of the Week: Ditzy

This week's feature designer is Ditzy, owner of the fashion label different kinda love. She's been with Avenue7 for over a year and its only recently did we spot her beautiful outfits. Check them out below!

What don’t we kick things off with you telling us about yourself?
Hi I'm Cara, 13, Perth Australia which is the most isolated city in the world, I'm currently in school

How would you describe your sense of style?
My sense of style basically represents how I'm feeling from day to day, but i really like sort of natural pink peaches and soft colors as i think you'll be able to tell in my outfits, but i also really like big black boots with leggings and military styled jackets.

Tell us a little about what you use Avenue7 for and why?
Well I use Avenue 7 for many things, to design clothes, keep in contact with friends, make new friends and get comments back on my outfits that I've mad but also comment on other peoples outfits and inspiration for my daily wear fashion.

Tell us how you go about creating an outfit? Where do you get your inspiration from?
I just basically find a picture of model and sort of base the outfit around what I think shes feeling/looks like, I also sometimes just mish mash things together and hope it works out well. lol

What are your 3 favourite outfits on Avenue7 and why?
well um that's a real hard one i love so many outfits on here and everyone is great designers.

D: I really think amal is a great designer.

D: Also gini has so many great outfits it was hard to decide which was my favorite

D: Another great designer i think is Katrina V

What fashion trends are cool where you live now?
Over here in Australia summer is coming up and it's really hot so most girls are either wearing shorts with gladiators and cropped tops, or sort of floral sorta of stuff like dresses, tops and skirts with gladiators and a cute sunnies.

How did you come up with the name for your Fashion Label?
Um well it might sound a bit stupid but fashion is like a different kind of love for me, it really just stays with you and can represent what your feeling by the clothes style and colors your wearing. i love fashion.

Any suggestions for things you would like to see on Avenue7 and shout outs to people?
Avenue 7 is perfect already
Hey Izzy whats up, hows the guy from school?? lol
GIORGIA!!!! I love you hope everything's going well MSG me

What is your favourite brand (This question was asked by last week’s featured user!)
Definitely not I didn't really have a clue a bout fashion before but now i live and breath it, without Avenue7 I would have no fashion sense at all, so thank you :)

Lastly, please ask the next featured user a question you would like answered
Out of all the outfits you've made which is your favorite.
Thank you so much for making me designer of the week, all my love Ditzy T

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