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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Fashion Spring/Summer 2010

This week's fashion column is written by Ayisha, a user on Avenue7. Check out what she has to say about Fashion Spring/Summer 2010.

Fashion is defianetly taking a step up this spring and summer of 2010. Big Designer names such as Burberry , BabyPhat and Betty Jackson are stepping it up with bright vibrant colours.
Combinations of different patterns open the show of Betty Jackson. The outfits, be described as quirky and laid back.
They may not be able to be pulled off by "normal" people but with a good stylist or designer anything is possible.

BabyPhat shows us very summery looks. They also have a quirky sense to them. The outfits of babyphat spring/summer of 2010 are in no way sophisticated or elegant but they have a fun, cheeky style to them. Obviously suggested for the young adults. It also had a swagger to it judging on the use of bold colours. They have an exotic edge and can defiantely be pulled off on the highstreets.
Burberry has more of an elegant style for this year. Using laid back neutral colours such as beige, cream, and very light pinks, blues, and greens, it brings a sophisticated edge to the table.They used beige jackets which had a professional take on things. Most of their outfits had a signature roushing. They also came up with an idea wearing socks with high heels, this idea will defiantely be a huge trend. The collection was very cohesive indeed and had a definate edge to it. This years' spring/summer collections will in no doubt be bringing some very interesting new trends to our lives.

By: Ayisha
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Friday, 21 May 2010

How to Get the Festival Chic Look

It's time to get out the shorts and sunnies...possibly wellies and a waterproof as well because it's music festival time! My festival must have is a pair of denim shorts. Not only are they light to pack, they take up hardly any room in your back and also they go with nearly everything. The best thing is they can be dressed up or down depending on how you feel.
The outfit above is great as this teams denim shorts with an easy to wear t-shirt and the boots are the focal point with its studded detail.

This outfit is a fantastic example of girly denim short chic. If you want a feminine look florals are the way forward.

If you want to go all country then this outfit should inspire you. The cowboy boots are not only practical (think of the muddy fields!) but also stylish.
Whatever festival you go to make sure you pack your denim shorts....and also don't forget your toothbrush and toilet roll.
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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Featured Designer of the Week: *EmoAlex*

This week's featured designer is *EmoAlex* from UK. Her outfits are very statement and structured. Check them out below:

What don’t we kick things off with you telling us about yourself
I'm Alex, I'm 14. I am from the UK, I am doing nothing but being fun!

How would you describe your sense of style?
My style is gothy/emo/punky.

Tell us a little about what you use Avenue7 for and why?
I use avenue7 to comunicate and show my style because its fun.

Tell us how you go about creating an outfit? Where do you get your inspiration from?
I start with the right clothes and where I get my inspiration is from anything I'm doing currently

What are your 3 favourite outfits on Avenue7?

What fashion trends are cool where you live now?
Well colors that almost clash with each other and super sized things.

How would you describe the person who is wearing the clothes you style on Avenue7?
Fun and like me and loves to wear and buy new things all the time.

Any suggestions for things you would like to see on Avenue7 and shout outs to people?
It would be nice to have a blog on our page to tell people whats happening now

Lastly, please ask the next featured user a question you would like answered
What kinds of music do you like? Singers or Bands?
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Friday, 7 May 2010

Featured Designer of the Week: Linh

This week's featured designer is Linh from the Netherlands. Her layered looks characterised by making full use of the space often catches our eye on Avenue7.

What don’t we kick things off with you telling us about yourself?
My name is Linh. I'm from Holland and i am living my life now in Amsterdam.

How would you describe your sense of style?
I have a simple but very comfortable girly girl, casual style.

Tell us a little about what you use Avenue7 for and why?
I use Avenue7 is because i love it! Its like my own design-room where i can create my own style and put outfits together that could describe me or just an outfit that i usually wouldn't where but still likes! It could be a normal and casual outfit but if i want to, it can also be a crazy, haute couture outfit. I'm so gladly for a website like Avenue7, its a place where i can just let my creativity in fashion go wild!

Tell us how you go about creating an outfit? Where do you get your inspiration from?
What i always do is, any day that i want to create an outfit, i just pick one clothing or accessory that i really like that day, then i create everything around that one item. That way i can slowly create a whole outfit. I think that inspiration can be from everything, I always try to get inspired by everyone that is around me, i'm mostly looking at what they wearing, what they could have all in common. I can also be inspired by what i go through everyday.

What are your 3 favourite outfits (not yours) on Avenue7 and why?
L: This outfit is so feminine!


L: It looks so classy! My fav!

What fashion trends are cool where you live now?
I think definitely sneakers! Everyone is trying to get the best and nicest lookin' sneakers!

Which clothe or accessory is a ‘must-have’ in your closet
A must-have in my closet? Thats a tough question! Probably my skinny jeans or my white Guess bag! (Its my most exspensive bag).

Lastly, any suggestions for things you would like to see on Avenue7 and shout outs to people?
I am loving Avenue7 right now and i mean, i love seeing some changes but please don't change too much! I think that changing everything is not always a good thing, if there are changes then i would love to see them with still an Avenue7-Twist to it! I probably would like to see something but i wouldn't know, i think because i am lovin' it right now :).

I do want to say one more thing. Thank you so much for picking me as one of the featured user, i'm so happy with avenue7, please keep going and continueing your good work on the site. Thank you so much. XOXO - Linh
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Site Update

Hey guys,

We've made some improvements to the site yesterday. You can now...

1. Sort your favourite products by colour in the outfit designer
2. Navigate quickly to any page by entering the page number for the clothing and favourite tabs in the outfit designer

We will now be posting all future changes and improvements on the blog so do check back regularly to keep up to date!
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Monday, 3 May 2010

How to Choose a Swimsuit

I think its safe to say that the warm weather is here! Woohoo! It's about time that summer started. I was beginning to doubt its existence. Well we all know what warm weather means...shorts, t-shirts, holidays and swimwear. If you're like me and you've still got a few christmas pounds to shed then you won't feel like stepping out in a bikini. Fear not the saviour one-piece is here! There is an absolute array of styles to choose from.

How cute is the polka dot swimsuit below from ASOS?

This ruffle swimsuit is good if you want to hide love handles or a belly.

This swimsuit won't hide anything but it does look fab. Watch out for tan lines though!

If you have big boobs then this swimsuit will keep your puppies secure and looking good!

I like the funky fluro snake print on this costume. You'll certainly stand out by the pool in this little number.

ASOS have a HUGE selection of swimwear so check it out!
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